Communicating to the right set of consumers using technology and social media as a tool

Social media as a tool

Companies are spending millions and millions to target their right consumers by offerings which makes their difference stand out.
Markets are flooded with the same looking products and services and it is always challenging to find uniqueness in your own products.
It is continuous improvement at product level by means of innovative ingredients ,claims to have some special secret recipe which might surprise the buyer and packaging marvels for wow feel factor.
Whatever it is, companies or brands must have a mechanism to communicate with their customers on all efforts made by them in order to create impact.
It is equally important to find ways to communicate effectively.
Let us understand as to whom do we communicate first?
Below is the summary of consumers. Companies and brand should have channels to communicate differently say with Gen X and Gen Z as the impacts and focus would deliver different results.
Pandemic has taught some tough lessons which has made us all more resilient.
In the new age era ,technology is playing a key role and brands must adjust to make more targeted and interactive technology-advanced marketing thrust using social media and apps to engage with customers.
Nevertheless the sale points where customers can touch and feel the products before buying it is not going anywhere even if it’s costly.
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